You Have An Azure Container Registry Named Registry1. You Create A Container Image Named Image1 On A Windows Server Container Host Named Host1. You Need To Store Image1 In Registry1. Which Url Should You Use To Push Image1 From Host1? (2023)

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  • Your company has an Azure Container Registry named Registry1. You have an Azure virtual machine named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2019. From Server1, you ...

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  • Mar 7, 2023 · Push and pull Docker images to your private container registry in Azure using the Docker CLI.

  • Push and pull Docker images to your private container registry in Azure using the Docker CLI

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  • From Server1, you create a container image named image1. You need to add image1 to Registry1. Which command should you run on Server1? To answer, select the ...

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  • Once you've identified the user you want to use, you can create a new container with a ... The container you started from the registry image will store the ...

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  • Where those designations appear in the book, and Manning. Publications was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all ...

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  • ... I do not care... thanks ... have a Dockerfile and it's build context, where make will dynamically list all folders and generate the dependency tree so that ...

  • 1 [2016-11-21T06:20:03] Is there a way to include directories in the java maven docker plugin?? Something like [<-CODE->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T11:22:33] Has anyone tried to create 300 docker bridges on a single docker host? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T13:06:23] Hello. Help solve the problem please.Dockerfile: [<-CODE->] When I run a container returns an error: [<-CODE->] (but /root/ File exists) 2 [2016-11-21T13:09:37] in Dockerfile all right, I'm wrong here\nNow I will try, thank you 3 [2016-11-21T13:10:30] [<-CODE->] 4 [2016-11-21T13:11:23] you can try also with /bin/sh 5 [2016-11-21T13:12:26] krzysztof-magosa: [<-CODE->] 6 [2016-11-21T13:12:52] Docker version 1.12.3, build 6b644ec 7 [2016-11-21T13:14:05] try 8 [2016-11-21T13:14:15] CMD [ "/bin/sh", "/root/"] 9 [2016-11-21T13:15:51] CMD [ "/bin/sh", "/root/"] it\'s work. thanks 10 [2016-11-21T13:16:10] ;-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T13:08:11] 1st thing, remove space between+andxin chmod invocation 2 [2016-11-21T13:08:27] 2nd thing, try "/bin/bash /root/" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T13:11:34] scippio: is it possible, that the two windows are connecting to different daemons? Due to different environment settings? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T14:49:22] How I can start nginx and php on starting container? 2 [2016-11-21T14:49:44] [<-CODE->] not working (( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T14:58:00] Hi guys. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T14:59:21] i have stupd question;i have two physical server with docker engine on board.1 - with mysql container2 - with apps containers 2 [2016-11-21T15:00:52] I need to create a network between the two docker-host 3 [2016-11-21T15:01:27] what should I do? what tool to use? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T15:02:54] gudron: , have you checked this [<-LINK->] ? 2 [2016-11-21T15:05:33] hm... 3 [2016-11-21T15:05:58] i must do it on every host? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T18:34:59] krzysztof-magosa: @sirrolandif you want/bin/shto be your interpreter just supply CMD as a quoted array as you have; see: [<-LINK->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T18:38:18] sirroland: you'll probably need to put those two commands in a single .sh file and execute it via cmd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T18:46:13] Lol I was just coming to ask about networking between containes@vkrotSo basically you create a "network" on the host and then assign that as the interface for any container that needs to interact with others - I have a node API, a MySQL container and a Sphinx container that need to communicate ideally by name, this provides that functionality? 2 [2016-11-21T18:47:42] Ahh so it does, thats nifty! 3 [2016-11-21T18:56:59] @sirroland I think you simply need && after the first start so [<-CODE->] CMD executes a single command so by using && you get it to do both - at least thats my understanding 4 [2016-11-21T18:57:13] although ideally as has already been mentioned a shell script would be a good idea 5 [2016-11-21T21:12:13] Also, docker compose does all that for you out of the box 6 [2016-11-21T21:14:40] Skhoshhal: you need to start the Docker VM.... it should have told you also to rundocker-machine start default... then follow outputs from there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T21:20:45] Yan Minarione of my docker-compose services won't show it's name before the log it outputs 2 [2016-11-21T21:22:35] Yan Minariposted an image: 3 [2016-11-21T21:22:38] Yan Minarilike this -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-21T22:03:18] toughIQ_twitter: maybe different environments... but it's seems ok, now. so I do not care... thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T07:14:12] hi guys. 2 [2016-11-22T07:15:15] Anyone know what to do with this problem? 3 [2016-11-22T07:15:53] blockquoteWARNING: The Docker Engine you're using is running in swarm mode.Compose does not use swarm mode to deploy services to multiple nodes in a swarm. All containers will be scheduled on the current node.To deploy your application across the swarm, use the bundle feature of the Docker experimental build. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T07:16:54] gudron: i think docker-compose is not yet compatible with the new swarm-mode 2 [2016-11-22T07:17:14] Swarm mode is not supported by compose yet. Compose basically does a run on the containers in your compose file. In swarm mode run only schedules containers on the daemon to which your client is connected. 3 [2016-11-22T07:18:09] the doc [<-LINK->] says it will work but there are a lot of issues posted on github for issues around it 4 [2016-11-22T07:18:23] oh... 5 [2016-11-22T07:20:06] so .. how do I run a container? from the command line? 6 [2016-11-22T07:20:36] big list of ENV variables... 7 [2016-11-22T07:20:46] gudron: just one container or do you have a compose file? 8 [2016-11-22T07:20:54] 6 9 [2016-11-22T07:21:11] 2 on node-1 10 [2016-11-22T07:21:16] 4 on node-2 11 [2016-11-22T07:21:41] you can put all the ENV in a ‘.env’ file and pass it with -e 12 [2016-11-22T07:22:10] indocker service create? 13 [2016-11-22T07:23:32] sorry not with -e …it is env_file parameter 14 [2016-11-22T07:23:57] [<-LINK->] 15 [2016-11-22T07:24:20] compse will not schedule across nodes…it will bring up all the nodes in one box 16 [2016-11-22T07:25:39] docker service create [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]-e, --env value Set environment variables (default []) 17 [2016-11-22T07:26:01] ok..without docker-compose. 18 [2016-11-22T07:26:46] how to manage the containers on the hosts? 19 [2016-11-22T07:26:46] looks like docker service does not hava a env_file param... 20 [2016-11-22T07:27:26] facepalm ?))) 21 [2016-11-22T07:28:35] :) 22 [2016-11-22T07:29:03] not sure why the env_file is not supported…more than half of mesos deployments use the env_file parameter.. 23 [2016-11-22T07:31:41] [<-LINK->] 24 [2016-11-22T07:32:20] It recommends the use of bundles. 25 [2016-11-22T07:33:05] but there is no support - volume mounts 26 [2016-11-22T07:33:12] facepalm ?)) 27 [2016-11-22T07:35:11] ok ... how can I run the containers in multiple hosts on the same network. And use ENV_FILE and mount volumes? 28 [2016-11-22T11:32:58] Skhoshhal: lol -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T07:33:37] Bundles are a 1.13 2 [2016-11-22T07:33:47] And too experimental right now iirc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T08:24:31] killerspaz: Thanks man every day I have a new problem with Docker 2 [2016-11-22T12:12:58] krishnaghatti_twitter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T12:13:16] Hi guys 2 [2016-11-22T12:13:27] i have no docker question 3 [2016-11-22T12:13:37] anyone work with dredd? 4 [2016-11-22T12:34:09] RedDevilHat: i only know about the Dredd movie.. :) 5 [2016-11-22T12:34:17] what is it anyway. 6 [2016-11-22T12:34:40] krishnaghatti_twitter: me to.. 7 [2016-11-22T12:34:41] [<-LINK->] 8 [2016-11-22T13:40:58] LuizTibo: : [<-LINK->] 9 [2016-11-22T17:07:53] docker-machine scp file container:path? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T13:20:39] Hi guys, I need a docker compose to use with php 7, postgresql, mongo e nodejs. Do you have some example? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T15:52:08] If my boss says to take these 3 files and add them to mydocker-machinemachinedev local, what the heck am I supposed to do? -_- 2 [2016-11-22T17:23:19] He has given me a now and saysexport it to $HOME/.docker. I moved the zip file there. Idk if that is what I was supposed to do. When I unzipped it after I downloaded it it has a User folder, and inside of that a folder with his name, but nothing else. -- And the download was 38mb. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T17:25:54] Hi folks, [<-CODE->] [<-CODE->] On that way the logs should be written: [<-CODE->] 2 [2016-11-22T19:10:00] aaronmcadam: [<-LINK->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-22T18:28:31] hey everyone, are there any good patterns for copying production credential files to an image? We were thinking of putting our credential files on S3 and downloading them 2 [2016-11-22T19:20:15] Thanks@Speechkey_twitter, does that support using files? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-23T00:17:33] files are not a great pattern unless they are encrypted in transit and at rest 2 [2016-11-23T00:17:52] Vault is pretty awesome, another@Hashicorpwin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-23T08:44:20] hi all 2 [2016-11-23T08:44:51] Is there a way to set folder ownership on mounted volume? 3 [2016-11-23T08:45:30] Somehow, when I change permissions once, it’s kept on my local docker but not on AWS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-23T18:08:05] ShurikAg: I have a really similar file permission issue. So upvote for any helpful tipp on this :) 2 [2016-11-23T19:15:11] dragon788: 3 [2016-11-25T12:49:56] you should use the --expose option for this 4 [2016-11-25T12:50:33] [<-CODE->] 5 [2016-11-25T12:51:38] have a look at the commandline reference here [<-LINK->] or directly in the nginx image docs [<-LINK->] in the section exposing ports, there you have a direct example 6 [2016-11-25T12:52:04] [<-CODE->] this would map your local port 8080 to the port 80 in the container 7 [2016-11-25T13:47:14] you set NGINX_PORT=8080 8 [2016-11-25T13:47:18] so you should adjust 9 [2016-11-25T13:47:25] -p 8080:8080 10 [2016-11-25T13:47:28] to this 11 [2016-11-25T13:47:50] can you just paste in your error again in here? 12 [2016-11-25T15:02:10] and what happens if you just run it like@matrixbotsaid? 13 [2016-11-25T15:02:16] still the error? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-23T18:17:45] I'd suggest checking this out, since running as root is definitely an anti-pattern that should be avoided, [<-LINK->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-23T23:24:22] can i use docker in a virtualbox ? 2 [2016-11-23T23:24:35] yes 3 [2016-11-23T23:24:43] just be careful with docker and vagrant 4 [2016-11-23T23:24:57] docker inside a vm through vagrant gets effed 5 [2016-11-23T23:25:11] some link about this ? 6 [2016-11-23T23:25:25] about vagrant? 7 [2016-11-23T23:25:29] Or docker in a vm? 8 [2016-11-23T23:25:46] about docker run in vbox 9 [2016-11-23T23:25:55] just install and use normally 10 [2016-11-23T23:26:06] docker can basically inside anything with a linux kernel 11 [2016-11-23T23:26:27] docker on windows used to be docker through a linux vm 12 [2016-11-23T23:26:48] docker on amazon ecs is docker running on a vm 13 [2016-11-23T23:27:12] yes, i install in my windows but the problem is activate hyper and break the virtualbox 14 [2016-11-23T23:27:17] haha 15 [2016-11-23T23:27:18] yes 16 [2016-11-23T23:27:27] a host operating system can only have 1 hypervisor 17 [2016-11-23T23:27:36] i write a command that i can select in the booting if activate/desactivate hyper 18 [2016-11-23T23:27:47] but the docker not run if i need vbox 19 [2016-11-23T23:27:56] and vbox no run if i select hyper and no like this 20 [2016-11-23T23:28:14] i need can use the two without reboot 21 [2016-11-23T23:28:16] on windows, you cannot run both hyper and vbox 22 [2016-11-23T23:28:22] on any os 23 [2016-11-23T23:28:30] you cant run competing hypervisors 24 [2016-11-23T23:28:36] to me knowledge at least 25 [2016-11-23T23:29:13] if you have hyperv just use that it can do everything vbox does -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T12:30:52] hi all I\'m trying start nginx via:docker run --network "host" -e NGINX_PORT=8080 2f3c6710d8f2but I get only:2016/11/25 12:29:06 [emerg] 1#1: bind() to failed (98: Address in use)\nnginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address in use) 2 [2016-11-25T12:31:14] How I can change the port in [<-LINK->] image ...? :/ 3 [2016-11-25T13:25:10] lucasjahn: still have same problem 4 [2016-11-25T13:25:23] withdocker run --network "host" -p 8080:80 -e NGINX_PORT=8080 2f3c6710d8f2 5 [2016-11-25T14:01:19] docker run --network "host" -p 8080:8080 -e NGINX_PORT=8080 2f3c6710d8f2 6 [2016-11-25T14:01:22] still same error 7 [2016-11-25T14:01:34] [<-CODE->] 8 [2016-11-25T14:02:01] it's ignore my 8080 settings :/ 9 [2016-11-25T14:16:31] but I want --network "host" 10 [2016-11-25T14:17:11] I'm using this image: [<-LINK->] 11 [2016-11-25T14:17:47] hmm... 12 [2016-11-25T14:17:47] "Out-of-the-box, Nginx doesn\'t support using environment variables inside most configuration blocks. But envsubst..." 13 [2016-11-25T15:35:01] lucasjahn: no.. it\'s ok. but I need --network "host" option ... so I must build my own image from nginx:alpine ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T14:11:41] uhoregAre you sure the image you\'re using supports NGINX_PORT? Don\'t use \'--network "host"\'. Just do "docker run -p 8080:80 nginx" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T17:14:52] Sorry if this is the wrong channel, but can anyone tell me where I might see the log output for an AWS ECS container I'm trying to start a docker container on? I think it's failing, but I have no idea where to see if it is. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T17:21:02] Might be a better place, but I'm having issues getting php-fpm and nginx working (in separate containers), I'm getting a bad gateway and I think it might be because nginx can't communicate with php properly, but I'm not sure why -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T18:15:15] Hey guys, realtively new to docker, helping my company (who doesn't currently use docker) move on to it. I have a best practices question. Should starting a process be part of the Dockerfile, or the responsibility of the container manager. EG, given an node app, shouldnpm startbe called in the dockerfile, or in docker-compose? 2 [2016-11-25T18:16:44] dockerfile 3 [2016-11-25T18:16:50] set it as CMD 4 [2016-11-25T18:17:05] 1 process per container 5 [2016-11-25T18:17:41] I myself am no docker expert only containerized basic applications though, others jump in and correct me 6 [2016-11-25T18:18:57] dockerfile 7 [2016-11-25T18:19:50] official nodejs docs have a basic tut 8 [2016-11-25T18:19:51] [<-LINK->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-25T18:20:43] As an extension of that, how does that work with local development? For example, I currently build the dockerfile by linking in some relatively pathed code. But then in docker compose, I want to link in code as a volume, so that changes are live. 2 [2016-11-25T18:21:05] Linking in that colume sort of messes up the runtime, though, IE I need to rerunnpm installbeforenpm startworks. 3 [2016-11-25T18:21:16] Would it just be a separate dockerfile for development? 4 [2016-11-25T18:21:35] I cant speak to any of that, I’ve never really found success for docker in dev, not a docker pro yet 5 [2016-11-25T18:22:38] Thanks for the link though. It definitely makes sense that the process should be started from the Dockerfile, I'm jusyt trying to figure out how to make local development seemless in a docker world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-26T11:55:53] is it possible to auto pull volumes from registry while doing docker service create? do i have to manually ssh into all swarm nodes and do a pull of my volume(container) each time a new version is ready? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-26T14:19:15] Jst try docker service update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-26T14:26:27] Looking to scale a bunch of compose files across hosts but swarm minus bundle seems like a pain 2 [2016-11-26T14:27:07] Kubernetes/mesos the only option? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-27T11:48:30] Hey there, can anyone help me with an cron issue. I have a PHP container in which I need to run cron (for wordpress, because the wordpress cron is not running) 2 [2016-11-27T11:48:54] I created a cron with supervisord and the service is running in the container 3 [2016-11-27T11:49:10] but the crontab (which is also available in the container) is never starting or running 4 [2016-11-27T11:50:35] in the dockerfile: [<-CODE->] cron tab file [<-CODE->] in the container: [<-CODE->] and the supervisor d: [<-CODE->] 5 [2016-11-27T11:50:52] and the /tmp/test is never created its weird -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-27T15:44:51] Hello, I have an issue with swarm. I have a simple java application which tries to call another application. I use swarm for my deployment through a network overlay. The problem is that when I scale an app, I can validate that the hosts behind the VIP are updated but my client keeps calling the same addresses.I tried a lot of things like changing java DNS cache ttlAnyone ever had something like that ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T02:43:03] Hi, looking to scale my existing compose file across multiple hosts using swarm. Any examples I could follow? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T10:10:44] heyho, one stupid question, but i really don't know how to solve this 2 [2016-11-28T10:11:15] so, i dockerized the app and pushed it to docker hub and my computer crashed so i would need to get the source code back from the docker image 3 [2016-11-28T10:11:44] i pulled it now from the docker hub, but i have the do i get to the code? 4 [2016-11-28T10:11:51] thanks a lot for help :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T10:14:08] ninabreznik: you mean the files for your app? 2 [2016-11-28T10:14:16] yes 3 [2016-11-28T10:14:29] i have a rails app and want to get to it :) 4 [2016-11-28T10:14:46] you can run it as a container and use 'docker cp' to copy files out of it 5 [2016-11-28T10:15:34] likedocker cp imageid:/path/on/image /path/on/host 6 [2016-11-28T10:15:54] huh, i forgot a bit how to do it. will try to refresh my memory and see how to run it and then how to do that, but ok, it's doable. yay 7 [2016-11-28T10:16:45] you can copy entire directories at once by just pointing it at a dir 8 [2016-11-28T10:17:10] how do i run it again? docker run imageID... ? 9 [2016-11-28T10:17:42] you probably want to dodocker run -d image 10 [2016-11-28T10:18:07] that will not attach to it, it will just run it in the background 11 [2016-11-28T10:18:23] ok, did that 12 [2016-11-28T10:18:28] and now i do the cp thing? 13 [2016-11-28T10:18:35] yep 14 [2016-11-28T10:18:54] what do i use as path/on/image? 15 [2016-11-28T10:19:14] "image" should be "container" 16 [2016-11-28T10:19:21] but the path to where your files are stored 17 [2016-11-28T10:20:26] ok, lemme check my cheatsheets :D 18 [2016-11-28T10:20:31] muchas gracias for this 19 [2016-11-28T10:20:40] no problem 20 [2016-11-28T10:27:16] Forecaster: If i run docker inspect containerID, I get this [<-CODE->] 21 [2016-11-28T10:27:49] okay? 22 [2016-11-28T10:27:55] do i find path here? 23 [2016-11-28T10:28:15] i don't know how to find image path and host path that you mentioned? 24 [2016-11-28T10:28:34] you misunderstood me then 25 [2016-11-28T10:28:39] i did this like a year ago and since that didn't touch docker, so I forgot everything :D 26 [2016-11-28T10:29:31] docker cp containerId:/path/to/source/in/container /output/path/on/host 27 [2016-11-28T10:30:05] ninabreznik: hopefully that is more clear 28 [2016-11-28T10:31:56] So, I bash into my container and find a path to my app and then path/on/host means where on my comp i want to save it? 29 [2016-11-28T10:32:05] yes 30 [2016-11-28T10:32:11] oh yeah, let's see 31 [2016-11-28T10:43:35] ole 32 [2016-11-28T10:43:46] have it! owe you a beer or carrot juice :) 33 [2016-11-28T10:43:55] thanks again 34 [2016-11-28T10:43:56] nice :) 35 [2016-11-28T10:44:14] now off to play ;) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T12:48:20] hey guys, running a docker exec cmd to a remote host and the output just stops showing? The process still seems to be running in the container on the remote host but there's no more stdout displayed on my machine? Is there a timeout or anything of the sort for that, or any reason it would stop? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T16:06:12] hi! does anyone happen to know about inspecting execution state in a container? when youexeca command you can see the exec id in the container state, and the docker API allows you to query that state (e.g. to see whether it’s running) but I don’t see any docs for command line support 2 [2016-11-28T16:06:45] in other words, my question is can you do this in the CLI tool: [<-LINK->] 3 [2016-11-28T17:15:04] mikewrighton: you mean this? [<-LINK->] 4 [2016-11-28T17:16:32] so I can rundocker inspectto get the list of current exec ids for a container, but I can’t seem to actually inspect the execution state for those exec ids 5 [2016-11-28T17:18:18] I tried runningdocker inspect but gotError: No such image, container or task: 6 [2016-11-28T17:19:03] unless I’m missing something, it seems like this is not implemented for the CLI tool? 7 [2016-11-28T17:20:37] maybe if you request the data as json from the container? 8 [2016-11-28T17:23:20] oh, how can I try that? 9 [2016-11-28T17:29:04] oh, the default format is json it appears 10 [2016-11-28T17:29:44] if that doesn't contain it then you may be stuck with the api 11 [2016-11-28T17:35:40] yeah it looks like it, thanks anyway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T21:13:43] mikewrighton: which OS? If on linux, you needsudo... otherwise, ensure the container exists withdocker ps -a 2 [2016-11-28T21:14:34] the docker docs don’t even claim to support this 3 [2016-11-28T21:14:48] but I can get what I need from the remote API viacurl 4 [2016-11-28T21:15:07] like this:curl -XGET --unix-socket /var/run/docker.sock http://localhost:3475/exec/$id/json 5 [2016-11-28T21:18:03] (on osx) 6 [2016-11-28T21:24:18] Use inspect as suggested by@Forecaster....docker inspect 7 [2016-11-28T21:25:01] I getError: No such image, container or task: a9952be2c74f2c6f3a7ae9faf12dc1576367bba5197fe74c243b637289fb653b 8 [2016-11-28T21:25:16] but an exec id is not an image, container or task 9 [2016-11-28T21:26:05] so docker inspect, as far as I can tell, does not support quering exec ids 10 [2016-11-28T22:51:21] ah, i misunderstood your use-case... i didn't realize you were looking at stats for an exec... i do not know about that one 11 [2016-11-29T16:13:10] my guess would be to isolate docker traffic routes to only work on the bridged network -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-28T22:53:10] mikewrighton: I think you are correct, inspect is mostly for containers and images -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-29T06:47:30] newbie question!! Understood about docker. Would like to know the docker orchestration tools and would be great if you show me a tutorial for getting started -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-29T08:18:10] Hi, can't find information in docs - what is docker iptables chainDOCKER-ISOLATIONfor? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-29T18:50:43] Lakshman-LD: hope this link works 2 [2016-11-29T18:50:58] [<-LINK->] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-29T20:32:40] has anyone had problems with nginx-proxy? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-29T20:59:13] Does anyone have an officially supported solution to this problem? [<-ISSUE->] 2 [2016-11-29T20:59:58] And: I need to use Toolbox. I cannot put HyperV on my machine for "Docker for Windows" 3 [2016-11-29T21:20:22] I click "Use Virtualbox" and it works fine, but then every time I launch Kitematic it asks again. There\'s no way to set a default. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-30T00:34:43] If im running the latest docker for mac - do i still need docker machine? 2 [2016-11-30T00:37:30] should i uninstall docker-machine if i have no legacy VMs? 3 [2016-11-30T19:30:09] Is there a version of kitematic that doesn't use Virtualbox for OS X ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-30T12:06:26] Lakshman-LD: Orchestration:Since Version 1.12 there is Swarm Mode:\nIf you are looking for a GUI to orchestrate, take a look at Portainer: is also a Gitter channel for Portainer:\nFor more complex scenarios take a look at Rancher: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-30T15:11:51] Hello, I'm new on docker, I would like to know if there is some UI and/or orchestrator that allow me to manage multiple cluster in one place. I understand that there is many Docker UI available but it seems that it allows to manage only one cluster (or maybe I miss something). Indeed my cluster will be hosted on Azure, in different Vnet and I would like a single interface to manage them all. Do you have any idea? 2 [2016-11-30T15:25:30] interesting thanks@marcelmfs! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-30T15:24:18] check -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-11-30T20:07:03] rightisleft: I believe the new version is Docker Toolbox which may use the native hypervisor in OSX, but not sure if that\'s fully released, otherwise docker-machine should natively use the "best" option per platform 2 [2016-12-01T14:27:25] raghavtan: it sounds like it isn't contacting Docker Hub, hence the http:// host not specified error -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 [2016-12-01T07:28:22]

16. you create a container image named image1 on a windows server ...

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